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This is where you should look first to learn about roleplaying on Ceriah and the ways that we work differently than other Pokemon roleplay sites. Look in the sub-boards to learn more about what makes the country of Ceriah and the Pokemon in it tick!

Sub-boards: The Country of Ceriah, Pokemon in Ceriah, The Trainer's Toolbox, Other Countries

22 28 Milan
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 17:51:53 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff

This is where your staff stashes discussions on upcoming events and all the other surprises members aren't allowed to know about yet. Only staff can view this board.

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No New Posts Open Forum

You can use this board as a medium for chatting with your fellow members, playing forum games and roleplaying things not related to Ceriah with your friends. Use the cbox at the bottom of the forum to talk with other members in real time.

Sub-boards: Forum Games, Art, Misc. Roleplaying

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No New Posts Questions and Suggestions

This is where you can put complex questions and concerns and tell us your ideas for the site. Remember that you can always ask any active admin your question right away for a quick response.

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No New Posts Absences and Introductions

If you're new to the site or going away for a while and want to let people know, you can post an official notice here.

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No New Posts Advertising

This is where you may advertise your website, provided your website also has a guest-friendly board for us to advertise on.

51 52 ZapdosZulu, pokemon RP
by Tarlar
Jul 13, 2018 10:51:12 GMT -5
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Threads that you finish are moved here to prevent clutter on the main boards.

Sub-board: Roleplay Logs

1 7 Cory/Rich Log1
by Kyro
May 20, 2014 18:40:41 GMT -5


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No New Posts Character Database

This is where you can find all of our accepted and in-progress character sheets. Look at the Character Submissions sub-board to learn how you can work with our staff to create a new character.

Sub-boards: Character Submissions, NPC Requests

4 6 Adrien Arundale
by Kyro
May 19, 2014 0:01:22 GMT -5
No New Posts Important Information

This is where your Character Tracker will be kept, a handy thread that links to all of your character profiles. All members should have a link to their Character Tracker in their signature.

3 4 Kyro's Character Tracker
by Managrimm
May 19, 2014 0:21:26 GMT -5
No New Posts Extra Information

This is where you can store any additional information on your character that you don't want to keep on their profile page.

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No New Posts Communications

This is where you can go if you ever want a place to roleplay your characters during a phone call, texting or utilizing some other form of long distance communication and want to roleplay it on the forum.

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No New Posts Looking For...

If you're looking for a traveling companion, a romance, people to plot with or just about anything else then post what you're looking for here to make it officially known.

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No New Posts Current Events

This board will let you keep up with the current in-character events going on in Ceriah. Read often to stay updated.

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Major Towns and Cities

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No New Posts Valoran

Valoran City is by far one of the most important cities in Ceriah for the aspiring trainer. The official Pokemon League Headquarters can be found here as well as the arenas in which official tournaments are held. Valoran City is a hub of activity for the Pokemon training world and the place to get an official league starter Pokemon.

6 87 Adrien Begins
by Kyro
May 29, 2014 17:02:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Aarinvale

Aarinvale is just one part of the sunny suburbs sitting just in the shadow of Valoran. Many of the people who live here have jobs in the city and it isn't uncommon for traffic to be thick between the two places as people go to and from work in the morning and afternoon. Seated comfortably next to the capital of all things Pokemon, Aarinvale is filled with enthusiastic spirit for the country's favorite sport. Aarinvale is worth mentionl in particular, however, because unlike the other Pokemon-crazed towns surrounding Valoran, Aarinvale is home to the first official gym.

2 2 The Normal-Type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:36:45 GMT -5
No New Posts Peryha

A busy if not terribly crowded city, Peryha is filled to the brim with minimum wage workers and people struggling to support their families. It's a place of crowded streets, chipped paint and carelessly discarded trash. It could be said that there's no better place to look if you want to catch a Trubbish. The crime rate here is high and walking around by yourself at night isn't recommended. The second gym is here.

2 2 The Dark-Type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:33:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Lagenta

Lagenta City is the city of romance and art. Each building in the city has a different sort of architectural feel to it and extravagant statues and fountains abound in places of note. Most of the residents of Lagenta are very conscious of fashion and trends and treat Pokemon as accessories or lapdogs. It's extremely common to see Pokemon covered in little accessories. Pokemon battling isn't very popular in Lagenta and many people look down on the average trainer. Very few even care enough to support their own gym leader against challengers. The third gym can be found here.

3 3 The Poison-Type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:30:27 GMT -5
No New Posts Aranadai

Aranadai Village is built on the temperate side of the Saldraes Mountains and is one of the most remote settlements in Ceriah. Its buildings are an amalgamation of cultural building techniques and more modern carpentry, round with funnel-shaped roofs with holes in the center for smoke to escape from. Unless you're interested in learning about their cultural heritage, there's not much here to inspire tourists. It gets the traffic it does only because the fourth gym is located here.

2 2 The Steel-Type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:25:45 GMT -5
No New Posts New Wolfram

New Wolfram City is the city of technological marvels, big business and industry. The city features cutting edge industrial facilities designed to cut back on waste and pollutants, helping to contribute to a cleaner environment. In addition, their power plant supplies power to not only the whole of New Wolfram, but to many nearby towns and cities as well. The city is also host to an advanced Personal Rapid Transit system for ferrying workers and visitors throughout the city conveniently, safely and comfortably. The fifth gym leader is favored not only for her battling prowess, but also for the many technological breakthroughs she's made.

2 2 The Electric-Type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:23:32 GMT -5
No New Posts Port Lanadia

A bustling port town filled with colorful flora and crowded beaches, Port Lanadia is the city of abundant pleasures and refreshing scenery. Located on the south coast of Ceriah, Port Lanadia is filled with high class hotels and restaurants as well as more modest dwellings for the average low wage tourist. The air here is salty, moist and prone to make certain people's hair frizz up. The sixth gym can be found here.

2 2 The Water-type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:21:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Santino

Santino City has been called bright, exciting and most of all fast, fast, fast. The people in Santino are fast, the Rapidash in Santino are fast and money in Santino is gone faster than you can say "gambling." The air always feels charged here even at night when neon signs light up the streets. Unlike some gambling cities, Santino has a large population of settled inhabitants and is the most populated city in Ceriah. The seventh gym can be found here.

2 2 The Fire-Type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:15:42 GMT -5
No New Posts The Eighth Gym

Unlike the previous seven gyms, the eighth gym does not reside in a populated city or even a secluded town. This gym is it's own land mark out in the forested wilderness of Ceriah's west coast. This is a trainer's final challenge before taking on Ceriah's champions.

1 1 The Psychic-Type Gym
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:12:12 GMT -5

The Wilderness

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts The Prairies

The prairies of Ceriah are wide, dry expanses of land covered in tall grasses and small shrubs. Areas like these where large grazing Pokemon can roam free are frequent in Ceriah and many major highways cut right through them. The lands more rich in soil are dominated by farmland and ranches and are generally the areas closer to settlements and main roads, so you'll have to go a bit out of your way to reach the truly untamed parts of central eastern Ceriah.

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No New Posts The Beaches and Ocean

Though many trainers opt for the more convenient beaches near cities or towns, wild Pokemon are more abundant on the stretches of beach that rarely feel the presence of humans. Many Pokemon can only be captured deeper into the ocean where more dangerous Pokemon lurk beneath the waves.

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No New Posts The Forests

A vast forest of conifers and birches dominates a good portion of the western coast of Ceriah. A wide variety of Pokemon can be found in these areas, particularly if one is willing to trek out onto the path less traveled.

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No New Posts The Lakes and Rivers

While Bryant Lake at the base of the Saldraes Mountains is one of the largest and most famous sources of freshwater Pokemon, there are numerous lakes and rivers around Ceriah where trainer's can try their luck catching Pokemon.

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No New Posts The Saldraes Mountains

As a trainer travels east across Ceriah the terrain becomes less grassy and more rough and rocky. The Saldraes mountain range divides the developed parts of Ceriah from the uninhabited desert regions and is the location of Aranadai Village.

1 1 The Fighting Dojo
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:10:09 GMT -5
No New Posts Sandstream Desert

Sandstream Desert is on the dry side of the Saldraes Mountains and is an uninhabited death trap where only Pokemon specially adapted to the environment can survive. Water is scarce and Pokemon are difficult to find. For travelers, this is one of the most dangerous territories of the Cerian wilderness.

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No New Posts Toleki Island

Toleki Island is a tropical paradise to the well-paying tourist and a potential death-trap to the adventurer. The majority of Toleki Island is dominated by a thick and suffocating tropical forest. Without a machete-wielding guide or a Pokemon that can cut through the flora, a tourist's adventures in the jungle might boil down to a sweaty business of blindly pushing past plants and hoping they don't run into a predatory Pokemon or step on a venomous one.

2 2 Pharan Town
by Managrimm
May 13, 2014 18:09:02 GMT -5


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Other Locations

This board is for places that aren't in any of the main cities or wilderness areas. If you want a roleplay to take place in your character's home in an obscure city you made up when you created him, this is the board to make the thread in.

1 2 Of Strawberries, Bananas, and Sudden Beginnings
by Kyro
May 16, 2014 23:07:12 GMT -5


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